Auto Pro Pump

Measure: 2.68 inches

Wide: 11.2 inches in total length

Accommodating: 7.8 inches in penis length

Powered by 3AAA batteries (not included)

It cycle between three speeds of suction. Included with a bonus penis ring.

Composition of Materials: ABS+silicone

How To Use The Penis Pump

1. Set up the Penis Pump and make sure that the rubber at the entrance of the pump is properly attached.

2. Insert your penis into the entrance. You may insert it either erected or not.

3. Pump the device and regulate suction pressure on your convenience.

4. To decrease the pressure or if done with using the pump, hold the release button to release air.

5. Use the pump every day from 15-30 minutes depending on your comfort and to make the enlarging procedures more effective.

6. Remove the rubber from the pump’s entrance and wash them with cool water and mild soaps.

7. Dry with the clean cloth and store it to a clean and dry area or storage.

Easier and more effective pumping, for the size you have been wanting your whole life!


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