Feiry Dong

  • Description: 
    Who said that the massage sticks are cold and cold, lacking warm soothing! 
    This breakthrough warming multi-function massage stick will realize the true desire to enjoy male masculine, no longer limited by the cold massage stick! 

    ※Soft material, excellent touch 
    ※High frequency vibration + rotation and heating function 
    ※After using the upper button for about 5 minutes, the warmth can be distributed to the rod. After heating to about 48°C, it will automatically thermostat. . 
    ※Swirl and vibration are equipped with independent switch 
    ※New IC electronic control, powerful 
    ※Color: skin color (pictured) 
    ※Battery: Use No. 3 (AA) 4 batteries 
    ※With beautiful collection mesh bag 
    ※In-kind shooting, Product details and styles, please see the picture.


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