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Intimate Earth understands that not all women are created  the same. Some women need an extra boost. INTENSE  Clitoral Gel has a higher concentration of natural Japanese peppermint oil than  the GENTLE Clitoral Gel. Can  be used for clitoral foreplay, clitoral stimulation during intercourse, and  clitoral stimulation with a toy. We suggest initially putting a pea-size amount  of gel on a finger and massage directly onto the clitoris, more can be added if  necessary. Intimate Earth products do NOT contain menthol.

Intimate Earth is synonymous of love by the nature and the environment applied to the health sexual, products of cosmetics intimate manufactured starting from extracts of plants studied to enhance sensations.

Intense is a stimulating gel for the clitoris which increases the intensity of orgasms.

Massage gel for at least 30 seconds on the clitoris


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