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Max is an electric penis pump, used for the strengthening and development of the penis, with 9 vibrations. Ideal product for men looking for something that can bring greater volume and constancy to them. It has an internal rechargeable battery via USB.


– Helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction;
– It also helps to maintain the erection for longer;
– Fights premature ejaculation;
– And increase in the musculature of the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

Instructions for use:   Place the ring on the tube. Place the penis inside the tube and press close to the groin so that the air does not come out. Press the “power” button to turn on and off and let the maximum pressure, release some air by pressing the red button and suction again. Use for 10 minutes daily, if you feel any sting or pain, it is time to stop and only resume exercise the next day. To turn the vibrations on, press the “Power” button.

Precautions:  It is advisable to use lubricant. This increases the life of the product. Conservation: Wash with running water and mild soap. Allow the shade to dry naturally (do not use cloth or paper). Wounds and swelling on the penis prevent use. Wash before and after use, with water and mild soap. Keep out of the reach of children. It is not recommended for use by people growing up (children, adolescents).

Composition: Acrylic, Plastic and Rubber.

Contains:  01 Penis pump, 01 ring and 01 USB cable.

Dimensions: The tube pump measures 21 cm in length by 7.5 cm in outer diameter and 3 cm in inner diameter (Approximately)


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